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Completed Courses: 

Fall 2008:
ZOOL 508, Anatomy and Physiology
Psych 401, Introduction to Psychology
Nutrition 400, Nutrition in Health & Well Being
History of Modern US (General Education)

Spring 2009:
ZOOL 508, Anatomy and Physiology
Psych 402, Statistics in Psychology
English 401 (Writing Intensive)
Spanish 503 (General Education)

Fall 2009:
Nursing 501, Introduction to Nursing
Microbiology 501, Microbes in Human Disease
Nursing 535, Death and Dying  (General Education, Writing Intensive)
Theatre and Dance (General Education)

Spring 2010:
Nursing 502, Concepts of Pathophysiology/Pharmacology
Nursing 508, Foundations of Nursing Judgment
Nursing 514, Techniques of Clinical Nursing
Introduction to Women’s Studies (General Education, Writing Intensive)
Nursing 794, Alternative study abroad program in Celaya, Mexico
Medical Surgical Clinical @ Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Fall 2010:
Nursing 645, Research
Nursing 615, Adult Health Nursing (Med Surg)
Nursing 619, Clinical Decision Making I
Medical Surgical Clinical @ Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

Spring 2011:
Nursing 620, Childbearing-Rearing Family
Nursing 622, Clinical Decision Making II
Nursing 450, Making Babies (General Education)
Maternity Clinical @ Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

Summer 2011:
Issues of Nature & Wilderness in American Society (General Education)

Fall 2011:
Nursing 618, Alterations in Mental Health
Nursing 624, Nursing in the Community
Nursing 703, Nursing Leadership & Management
HHS 698, Medication Safety & Administration

To Be Completed

Nursing 720, Clinical Decision Making III
Nursing 720C, Senior Practicum (MGH: Bigelow 11 – 298 clinical hours)

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